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Draw Near & Hear


Foothills Christian Church
365 W Bradley Ave 92020 El Cajon United States
Our Draw Near and Hear conference is January 13th-15th with Marc Dupont, Steve Maddox and Mark Hoffman as the main speakers on biblically discerning the Lord’s voice and on knowing the seasons of your life. We will have extended times of worship, lots of workshops, plus times of corporate ministry in the Holy Spirit and individual prophetic ministry.
Often it can be difficult to know whether you’re actually hearing from God or not. Sometimes the competing voices out there claiming to be speaking ‘words from God’ can be confusing. The Draw Near & Hear Conference will give you the biblical tools to correctly discern when and what God may be speaking. Mark Hoffman Marc A. Dupont #Church #Worship #Prayer #Ministry #HolySpirit #Christian #Bible #truth #WordsfromGod

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